Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learning to Can with Mamaw!

So I just figured since I was a wife of a farmer, I should learn how to can vegetables and fruits. Don't you think that should just be a given? People asked me all the time if I pickled our okra, so I decided I should go ahead and learn. Since my grandmother "Mamaw," who happens to be 92 years-old is a master at it, who better to teach me, my mom, and Aunt Jan than her?
I grew up eating my grandmas fresh canned beets, pickles, okra, peaches, green beans, and peas. It's really hard to beat come wintertime when you are making those yummy beef stews and okra gumbos, and you reach for a can of Mamaw's fresh stewed tomatoes......Nothing better!
On Sunday, mom, Mamaw and me and my girls canned pickles and pickled okra all day long. Yesterday, for about 8 hours or longer, me and Mamaw and my Aunt Jan, and my girls canned tomatoes and chow chow. We also had the pleasure of our cousins Betsy and Lyla visiting for a while and helping us peel the tomatoes:)
We finished the chow chow up at about 9:00 last night and lined everything up for a picture. I have to say, I felt so proud and accomplished! I really enjoyed it a lot, and thankfully so did my mom and aunt Jan. I think Mamaw past down a new hobby for us all. I love that we all have something that will bring us together every year and we can look forward to doing together. Next week, we are canning plum jam and peach jam. Jan said something about a peach/pecan amaretto jam.....mmmmm can't wait to test it out on a hot biscuit!


Meet the Jone's said...

I love Olets' pickles. I remember some of the best memories st your house on first street opening up pickles and eating it with cheese!!! HEr pickles are the BEST!!!! Me and Pepaw picked the cucumbers the other day and we are gogin to try and make some :)

Meliski said...

Awwww. I have a Mammaw too! She is my great grandmother. She turned 100 last October! :) She makes wonderful apricot preserves. Thanks for sharing your mammaw with us!

patti said...

Excellent Stacy! I love how you introduced all of us to some of your family's culture!! So much fun!