Friday, June 18, 2010


Tonight we had our big drawing for Hollie's cross or picture frames, and we let Aubrey do the honors tonight.

And she picked.....


Lisa works in the children's ministry in our church and has a heart of gold. She has lovingly taken care of both of my girls, and I'm sure will one day in the near future be loving on our little man on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights when he comes home to live with us! Thank you Lisa for your sweet heart, and CONGRATULATIONS!
Also thank you so much to everyone who contributed towards our adoption through this raffle, and thank you sweet Hollie for donating your beautiful talent! It means so much to us, and because of you, we are $335.00 closer to bringing home our little man!

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Nanny said...

Woohoo. Thanks Stacy. You give Ms. Aubrey a hug from me for drawing my name. I am just so glad that I am able to bless your family with this journey you are on.