Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We recently sent off our application to CHI and heard back from them yesterday. Our paperchase is now beginning! It truly is an overwhelming stack of paperwork, that we will just take one step at a time like everyone else that is adopting:) $3,000.00 is due right now, which thankfully we have raised $2200.00 of it!!!! Our next step is our homestudy. Another $3,000.00 will be due after the homestudy, which costs anywhere between $500.00 to $1500.00. We aren't worried. God will provide and the agency well understands that families need a little time in between phases to raise their money. Once we get past the homestudy and the fee that is due with it, we will be eligible to apply for grants. We are going to try to kick off our next phase fundraiser with the simple idea God gave us....spare change. So please, if you live by us and know us, feel free to fill a jar up with your spare or forgotten change that you have lying around your house or in between your carseats!

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The Bauman Family said...

Great idea! Thanks for inviting us to join you in this amazing journey!!!