Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Week For My Big Girl!

So 5 years ago on May 20th 2005, I gave birth to my sweet 8 lbs 5 oz Alyssa Joy! She lives up to her name because every single day she fills my life with so much joy! Alyssa is my mercy gifted and tender-hearted little sweetie, and she LOVES her momma! Everyday I feel so loved from this tiny little girl, whose love language is words of affirmation and physical touch, which I love, because she is always needing hugs and giving them to me and saying the sweetest things...but not in public :) She is the best big sister in the entire world. Her little "Aubsters" is her best buddy. She already prays like a champion for Jesus, and already has an amazing gift of compassion for others. Her understanding she already has about Jesus and who He is, amazes Aaron and I on a regular basis. She loves riding her bike, being outside, looking for bugs, playing with her cousins, trying on earrings, watching movies in bed with me and sis, going fishing with dad, making crafts, playing in cold water, and singing and dancing. She is constantly singing! She is all girl...loves her lipgloss and nails polished and already likes carrying a little purse. She loves fruit of any type, sandwiches, coffee flavored ice cream, cheese doritos, and bread. She doesn't care for juice, squash, mushrooms, sleeping alone, cleaning up, or wearing her hair down.
This was such a big week for our big girl! She had her last day of preschool, graduated from preschool, and celebrated her 5th birthday at Bounce Town with friends and family! It was a fun week to say the least. She was so very excited all week long about her birthday and told me that she had an "awesome" day! Her dad took her to the donut shop that morning, and I let her choose her birthday dinner for that night. Her dinner of choice was pizza, cheese doritos, and coffee flavored icecream :) So random, and not too healthy, but I obliged and added some sliced cucumbers on the side for some nutrition :)
I really need to start posting some of my favorite things this girl says to me every week. My favorite thing this week was when we were driving in the car one morning. We weren't talking, just driving and she randomly says to me... "Mom, when Jesus comes back to get us, do I have to pack my suitcase?" I then told her no, and she said to me..."Well, can I take my little purse? I really want to take my little purse." Then she went on and on convincing me why Jesus should let her take her purse. I love this girl with my whole heart and and so thankful everyday that I get to be her momma! She keeps me lauging!

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