Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little sweetheart

Although my little Aubrey is super super busy, she is also the sweetest little person in the entire world. This morning at about six o'clock, she and Alyssa both came and crawled in bed with me. I was laying on my side and I felt this tiny little hand start to rub my face. Then she started to very gently rub my lips with her finger. My eyes were shut and I was thinking to myself how sweet is this! Then I feel little bitty lips touch mine and she whispered..."I wuv oo." It really can't get any sweeter or better than that! This was the second time she had said I love you to me first. So I know she knows what it means now. She LOVES to cuddle and kiss more than any child I have ever known. We will be laying in bed and she will grab my face and bear hug it and fall to sleep that way. Of course I have a hard time breathing, but it's just so precious I try to endure. She also can say her full name now, which is so very sweet.."Auby Fayf, Weez"...Aubrey Faith Reeves. So busy, but so much fun! I have my hard days, but being a mom is the most wonderful and most fulfilling thing I have ever been given the priviledge to do. I am thankful everyday that God gave me the family he did! I love my sweet sweet husband and my precious girls so very much!

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