Monday, November 9, 2009

Last 2 weeks

Aubrey somehow got on our computer and started pushing buttons and severely messed up our for the last 2 weeks we have been without a computer and I haven't had any source of communication with the internet world, which has been good, but I have also missed it. $300.00 later I am back and a little less addicted to facebook. Aaron thinks it was a God thing that we were without it for 2 weeks. It was a forced fast from the computer that we both really needed.
Also for the past 2 weeks, Aubrey has become a little more difficult to handle. She is soooo very independent and wants to do everything herself. She is starting to REALLY test her boundaries what seems to be every 2 minutes she is awake. There are times when I want to cry and I have definitely needed some alone time a little more often. Alone time right now isn't a luxury anymore, it is a must if I want to keep my sanity. To say that she is busy would be an understatement. She isn't a bad girl, she is just so very busy and into EVERTHING. I think the newest of her talents these past 2 weeks has made my life a lot harder. She has learned to move the chair over to where she wants something. She will scoot the chair where she wants to go and use it as a ladder to get her to where it is she desires to go at that time.....the kitchen sink or bathroom sink and then proceeds to either eat lipgloss, or toothpaste, or she also enjoys trying on mascara for lipstick or dumping soap out all over her hands. It is a constant battle to keep her off the chair and off the countertops and kitchen table....I MEAN CONSTANT breaks. She gets in trouble in one spot and then moves onto the next. She has this incredible talent of being mischievious and super sweet at the same time. I will be headed towards her to punish her and she will poke out her lips for a kiss and say "I love you," which immediately softens my heart. She knows exactly what she is doing...little stinker :)
Here lately I have noticed that she understands pretty much everything I am saying. So when she got in trouble the other day I was explaining to her why she was in trouble. She started crying and I told her you have to be a good listener to momma, and be obedient. She stopped crying and I said are you a good girl? and she said "Uh-huh." I asked her 'Are you going to be obedient now?' and she said "I bedient."
She totally knows what she is doing and what she shouldn't be, she is just seeing what she can get by with. It's all a matter of me and Aaron being consistent. Oh my goodness....this is only the beginning :)

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