Monday, July 27, 2009


The very random things that Alyssa is saying right now is cracking me up. She is so funny all the time. This is very random and I am really just blogging this so that I can look back on it and laugh, but tonight we were all laying on the bed and Alyssa was pretending she was making a cake and a salad. I was the cake and Aaron was the salad. She was stirring and patting and she moved over to Aaron and was making her salad on him and she patted him and said, 'there daddy, that's good, looks like a turd." We cracked up so hard. It was so random and funny. Alyssa got all embarrassed that we were laughing and played it off and said," I didn't say turd, I said potato." OK!
I LOVE my kids and how they make me laugh all the time! Now where they come up with these things is beyond me :)

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