Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

4th of July this year was a lot of fun for us. We spent the evening at Steve and Savitas.
Before I go into that I have to say that I got really lucky at Veal's fireworks stand and won a hundred dollars worth of fireworks. You had to be there to win, so me and mom and the girls just walked down from her house and went and stood with about 20 other folks who were hoping their number would be called. They called about 4 numbers until they called mine. I just stuck my hand up and said oh that's me! I felt all the disappointed glares from all the other people there. It was just silence, and so AWKWARD! No congratulations or anything. Just awkward silence . I felt excited and really bad at the same time.
Anyhow the Veals were nice enough to give me all those free fireworks that we then had to carry back to moms house also carrying Aubrey and holding Alyssa's hand at the same time. We made it though.
Back to the Gilbert's house. They had a bouncy house waterslide that the kids had a total blast on. The kids had hotdogs, and chef Steve, who is a great cook, grilled fajitas and brauts for the adults and we had all kinds of chips and dips and desserts. My absolute favorite thing in the world to do is to watch all the kids having fun and laughing. I walked around to the side of the house at one point and Alyssa was laughing so loud and hard I could hear her from where I was. Most of the night I just sat back and watched them eating watermelon, and sliding down that big waterslide and playing with smoke bombs, sparklers and roman candles.
It was a blast. We didn't get home until 11:30, which is late for us and our kiddos :)
At one point in the night there was the little boy about Alyssa's age that was there and I was listening to their cute!!!!!! Jaden said "I am scared of those firecrackers. " Alyssa said "well I'm not scared." Jaden: "Why aren't you scared?" Alyssa: "I'm just not scared. Here hold my hand and I will show you there is nothting to be scared of."
It was the sweetest thing!!!!! We watched them walk hand and hand as Alyssa led him down to the truck with fireworks and he said he wasn't afraid anymore. All the moms were getting up grabbing the cameras for the cute kodak moment. My battery had died by then . I don't know if anyone caught it on camera or not. I was so very proud of my sweet little girl!
It was a very relaxing and chill night! It was great! We so needed that. Especially Aaron.

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Jose Deleon said...

Veals firework stand is the best in my opinion! i have been going their since i was 12! now i am 20 and still go haha i know how it feels to get the dissapointing stares at you, i've seen it tons of times both july 4th and jan raffles, sadly enough through the times i have went i have not won a single thing :) but i really do not care since veal is a good guy and gives great deals and solve problems ( if your firework didnt fully go off you can return it for another of the same firework) i have never been to another firework stand other than veals! and i hope you have fun this 4th of july also!