Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Melting Pot

Friday and Saturdays are our busiest days of the week so come Saturday night we are exhausted in the Reeves household, not really wanting to do much.
Well, this Saturday wasn't any different. The day was over and we were home, just lying around resting. My phone rang and a little tiny voice was asking me if Alyssa could stay all night. It was Emmy. Then sweet Savita got on the phone and asked what me and Aaron were doing, and asked if we wanted to go out. She said she would watch both girls for us. Even though we were super tired, this was so rare for us to be able to go out on a date on a Saturday evening in the middle of farming season, so we jumped at the chance. I think that was an answered prayer, because I had been praying for more quality time with Aaron.
We decided since we got to do this, we would go somewhere nice, so we went to the Melting Pot.
We had never been and loved it. The atmosphere was very romantic. We sat in our own little corner all cozy and close.
I ordered a blackberry margarita, which was yummy and tiny, but seemed to be super potent because my head was spinning after about half.
Then we ordered the feast so we could get the full on experience. First came the bread and veggies and apples to dip in the cheese sauce of our choice. I can't remember what cheese we got, but it was a little strong....good, but strong. Next came the salad, I got spinach and Aaron got the house. Mine was better. Then came the main course. Ok so I had no idea that they brought the meat to you raw. I looked at it and was thinking to myself 'oh my gosh, this meal is so expensive and I am not going to eat it,' not realizing that it cooked in the little pot of boiling herbs. I thought it was just for dipping. I told you I was a little tipsy from the margarita, so it took me a while to get it. I was pretty relieved when I figured out I didn't have to eat raw chicken. So that was fun. I made Aaron cook it longer than the waiter suggested but it was good. That course consisted of beef tenderloin, chicken, pork, shrimp, dumplings, filet mignon, and veggies. Then came the last course....drum roll..........the snicker chocolate sauce with peanut butter and bailys and cream served with rice crispy treats, brownies, strawberries and bananas, cheese cake, and marsmallows covered in oreos crumbs and graham cracker crumbs all bite sized of course so we could dip them in that heavenly sauce. We left there stuffed and feeling a little recharged and reconnected.
It was a good time! We are thankful to Savita for letting us do that and thankful to God for putting in on her heart to ask us.


Courtney said...

Sounds like an amazing evening! So glad you guys got the evening away to yourselves!

Cindi said...

Ah, the melting pot! I went for my first time in March (for my bday) we also went all out and had the feast! I was just like you - I didn't realize WE had to cook the meat and also cooked it longer than recommended, lol.
It so great to get out though :)