Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Rambles the sleeping through the night thing with Aubs didn't last. She is back to waking up almost every night and wanting to get in bed with me and Aaron. We are so tired, we just let her. The other night I put her in bed with us and she actually woke up about 5 times feeling around for me to see if she was by me or not. The little stinker! It is sweet, because she is such a little cuddler, but I would rather not be having to cuddle with her at 4:00 am.. That's when I want to be cuddling with Aaron! Anyway, she always has to have her hand on me or my face pressed against her face! It's all my fault and now it's a habit I feel is a bit out of control. Alyssa still gets up every night too and has to potty or just wakes up scared and Aaron ends up sleeping with her in her bed and I have Aubrey in ours with me! I want to claim our bed back, but I also want to sleep on some level!

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