Saturday, March 7, 2009

Beautiful Morning!

Today is just one of those mornings where all feels right with the world! I have my windows up, the weather is perfect, I am drinking a good cup of coffee, and my girls are just hanging out in their jammies, being as good as could be. Not to mention, last night I had my first ever facial, thanks to Savita, and my face feels good. It's just a good morning!
Today I am feeling so grateful for all that I have.
Aubrey has started to greet me every morning by saying Hi! But it sounds more like "HIEE." So sweet. She is the most cuddly little baby I know. Gives the best ever hugs. When I walked through the door last night after my facial, she ran to me with her little arms stretched out squealing. I picked her up and she buried her little face in my neck. She acted like it was the first time she had seen me all week. Then when I put her down she continued to hug my leg like a little monkey and bury her head in my leg for another 5 minutes. She loves her momma! This morning Aaron and I were sitting at the breakfast table talking, and Aubrey comes running up to the me with her cup and said , "Mo." Which means more, and then I gave her more and she told me thank you. Such a little smartie pants! So precious!
Little Alyssa gets sweeter everyday I think. She has so much conviction and just has such a sweet disposition about her... a lot like her daddy! She has started singing a lot more. Aaron was shaving the other day and she went in the bathroom and started singing," Daaaaddy are you shaving your faaaaace?" Aaron busted out laughing at her! I think she is destined to be in a musical when she starts singing her sentences. As I am sitting here right now, she is in the bathroom singing, "Why can't we be friends", by War.
We went to see the Clay family the other night and Alyssa really took a liking to Bubba, no surprise there! All kids love Bubba, and when we left, she told me,"Mom, I forgot to sing Taylor Swift to Bubba!" She was so disappointed that she forgot to sing to Bubba. I told her maybe next time! LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!!

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