Friday, August 22, 2008

Aubrey and Alyssa

Aubrey is my sweet little happy 6 month old. She was born very healthy weighing in at 9 lbs 7 oz. I had her all natural in a birthing tub at the Allen Birthing Center. It was not easy as far as pain goes, but overall, I think it was a successful and beautiful birth.

She is always smiling and content, and already cracks me up. She likes to sleep with her leg up in the air.

She is currently teething and is waking up still in the middle of the night(frown.) I've got my fingers crossed in hopes that she will sleep all night when her teeth come through. She is growing really fast, already weighs almost 18 pounds, but she was the size of a 2 month old when she was born, so she had a head start. She can do some tricks. She can roll over both ways and loves to yell "momma" when she is mad. Her interests are breast feeding, pulling hair, riding in cars, elmo, and laughing at her big sister.

Alyssa is my little shadow. She is my funny 3 year old. She is very smart and quick minded, picks up on things quick and never forgets anything you tell her. She is very very girly. Has to have a purse on her shoulder everytime she walks out the door. She has always been a busy body and still is. She makes sure my house is always nice and cluttered. While I am cleaning up one mess, she will be making sure that another one in the next room is being made. She has a very sweet and caring personality and is very good about sharing. She is always concerned about other people. If someone is sick and she hears about it, she asks me about a million questions about them and usually will end up praying for them at dinner time. She loves her little sister and is a very big help with her. Nobody can make Aubrey smile better than Alyssa. Her best tricks are the splits and a little thing we like to call "the ice skater." She will be starting library school in the fall and is very very excited about it. We bought her a new backpack and everything.

Her interests are playdough, goldfish crackers, old yeller, lip gloss and the outdoors.

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