Friday, August 22, 2008


Aaron is my husband whom I am very proud of. He is a postal worker and in the summer farms. He is extremely smart and can pretty much figure out how to do anything. He's pretty handy to have around. He is very driven and if he puts his mind to something it's going to happen. On the outside, Aaron has a very calm, quiet and gentle spirit about him. But at home, he is funny and goofy and if you looked through our kitchen winow in the evening, you might catch him dancing or doing the moonwalk. I love that no one knows him like I do!!!! My favorite thing about Aaron is that he loves Jesus, and he loves us with his whole heart. He takes good care of his girls. His interests are fishing, sports, golf, woodwork, researching things, late night bowls of cereal and farming. Our farm is called Reeves Family Farm and is located in Princeton. Our main crop is okra. This year Aaron farmed 20 acres total, okra being our main crop. Next year he plans on farming over 40 acres mainly okra, squash and onions. You may have caught him on the news a couple of times this summer. If not, you can google Aaron Reeves, Reeves Family Farm and watch it via the net. On a mushy note..... I am a very very lucky woman to have him. He is my best friend, and a great dad and helper.

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