Saturday, July 7, 2012

Six Months Home!

Six months ago today, was the day we arrived home with our little Jo Mo!  To say this time has flown by would be an understatement.  It really feels like he has been here all along.  There are still days, however, when I have a moment of just being stunned that he's really here, a minute of disbelief, and extreme gratitude at what the Lord did in our life when he joined our world with a little boy's all the way on the other side of the planet.  Josiah is full of energy and joy.  He is almost always happy and smiling and he's so funny. It's hard not to smile when you look at him.  He is all boy!  He loves to wrestle with dad, and be tickled;  points his fingers at me like a gun and makes "pow, pow" sounds; He loves to "jump" (although this is hilarious because he can't quite make it off the ground yet) .  I think my mom and I laughed until we almost cried watching him "jump" on the trampoline.  He loves any kind of ball, and goes crazy when he sees one.  His favorite thing right now is swimming.  He lights up when he sees water and would stay in the pool all day long if we let him.  He is fearless in the water, belly flopping "jumping" off the diving board, and just floating in the pool with his little floaties and goggles on!  He likes to color, and for mommy to read and sing to him, and he loves to dance.  He loves shoes and new clothes and when I dress him in the morning he says"I like 'em," with a big grin on his face.  Josiah is a good eater.  He loves any kind of fruit and his favorite food is corn- on- the- cob. He loves it so much we have to hide it from him when we make it until he eats the rest of his dinner, or else if he sees it first, he won't eat anything but corn.   He would drink milk, juice or water all day if we constantly kept his sippy full. He sucks it down fast.  Josiah sweats more and faster than any person I have ever seen in my!  We walk outside and within seconds his head is dripping...bless his heart!  He is a ladies man already, such a flirt, and no woman can resist wanting to flirt back with him or to squeeze him because he is so chunky and adorable you just want to eat him up!  He has a genuine sweet heart and we can already tell he is mercy gifted.  Any time someone is hurt or crying he is running over with a concerned look on his face, asking "what happened?" and making sure you are ok, sometimes with a little back rub too as he is asking you. Josiah Moti Reeves, you have challenged us, blessed us, and taught this family more than you will ever know and we wouldn't trade a second of it for anything!  We love you to pieces sweet boy!  You are such a gift, my son.

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