Friday, July 6, 2012

Give me a good beat with a good message!

In this house me and my kiddos love to dance and sing.  We do a lot of worship music but sometimes we just want to dance to a good beat.  Also, I sub cycle class when an instructor needs me, and I need a good beat to lead a high energy class.  I personally love hip hop music.  My kids love it, and once we hear that beat we just can't stop our feet ;) lol!  If you glance through our windows in the evening, you may witness our family dancing around the house to some hip hop music and more often than not, we are bopping our heads to something when we are in the car.  We love to car dance!  The problem is, the beat is great, but most of the lyrics are so trashy and I don't necessarily want that filling up my children's ears or spirit.  And my heart has been convicted at times when everyone I know, knows I am a follower of Jesus and I am playing Pit Bull or Kanye music with lyrics all based on promiscuity  or getting wasted with bleeped out curse words all through them during cycle class, just because I love the beat.  I have spent a great amount of time googling songs with a good message.  I have typed in..."inspirational hip hop", "Christian workout music" , High intensity Christian workout music" etc...Some of the stuff that came up made my eyes roll all the way to the back of my head.  I thought ...why oh why can't some talented Christ- centered artists make some music we can dance to and let our little ones hear??!! Have you ever thought that?  Well, I found some!  There are actually a great deal of talented hip hop artists that bring a good message that you can dance to.  I really like Robot by Trip Lee, and Lecrae is another good artist.  I found this video on youtube.  It's called Dum Dum, By, Tedashii.  My kids love this one!  Our little JoMo goes crazy dancing to Dum Dum.  Maybe I will post that one day for you to see ;)  Anyway....turn it up, grab your kids and have yourself a dance party....GO! It's just fun!

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