Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Fun

In the midst of this busy, hot summer we like to take some time every now and again to enjoy some fun in the sun with good friends, or else we would go crazy and so would our kids! We have to remember that summer definitely does mean work for us, but it also means a break from work for our school girl, and a little deserved playtime with friends is a must for both our kids and family!
We and about 4 other families decided to head over to Hawaiian Falls for the day! Afterwards we ended up at the nearby Sam's Club for dinner! Sounds funny, but they serve the big Nathan's hotdogs and drink for $1.50 as a combo meal! It was just what we needed! We are blessed beyond measure with such wonderful friends! We will definitely have to do it again before the summer is up :)
(All these photos were taken by my friend Jen. I stole them off of facebook )

Some of our kiddos coming down the big slide! FUN!

During craft time, the girls colored some wiggly little snakes :)

These smiles say it all!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!

And yes, that is my handsome husband sporting the biggest farmers tan ever! It's ok though, because he gets it honestly. He really is a farmer. He tried to even it out though. Now it looks like he is wearing an off-white shirt instead of a bright white one ;) Maybe next trip!


Jen said...

Hey now! Seriously next time let me know and I'll send you a better resolution of photos so you don't have to take the bad quality FB ones. When should our next outing be? We had so much fun!

Courtney said...

Stacy, when I first saw Jen's photos that is exactly what I thought when I saw the one of Aaron...FARMER!! My Dad's tan looks just like that, too. (Steve has one to, he got his from gardening!) Love it!!!!!!