Monday, June 6, 2011

Olympic Day 2011

Alyssa's last day of school was celebrated with Olympic Day! The kids played games, ate snow cones and ended the day with my favorite part, the wet tug-o-war. I don't think I ever laughed so hard!
First up were the Kindergarten boys!

c'mon boys...pull hard, you can do it!

Ohhhhhh! And they didn't do it! This was the funniest thing to me. They were pulling with all their might! The funniest part is the other team that won, were all upset that they had won, because they didn't get wet :)

Next up were the Kindergarten girls! They had already watched and learned and I think were ready to lose so they could get wet. Well, at least Breanna was :)

Alyssa and Lauren let go of the rope at the end but little Breanna kept a tight grip and fell right on in, big smile and all! It was so much fun to watch! Such a fun age!

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