Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is upon us and summer is around the corner :)

Oh the beauty in Texas right now! The bluebonnets are in full bloom covering the ground like a blue and white blanket. Everywhere you look you see cars stopped on the side of the road and people taking advantage of the picture perfect fields, including us.

We normally would have gotten dressed up in pretty little white sundresses, but we decided to stop on our way home from a long day's work at the farm. Hence the ball caps and dirty shirts :) But hey, don't look at us, look at the bluebonnets :)

But of course we think these 2 look cute no matter what...messy hair, dirty-faced and all!

So Spring brings the bluebonnets, but it also brings us a lot of work. My husband's main job is farming, and this is planting time. We finally got some much needed rain, and it is so great to see the beginnings of our crops popping up. Pictured below is the first sightings of our main crop, okra. I know a lot of you that read our blog have never even tried okra or may not have even heard of it, but in our neck of the woods, it is a summertime staple. SO GOOD! It's so funny, at our fruit stand in the summer when someone tells me they don't like okra, I always ask them where they are from. 90% of the time they are not from Texas.

This below is our organically grown spinach

One of my favorites....white Swiss chard.

Our little friend the lady bug.

And this is what we did this past Sunday...we planted over 300 of these little guys... tomato vines. So much for a day of rest... lol! We still have about 300 more to go. It was a lot of fun actually. I enjoy spending time with my family and watching my husband and helping him do what he loves is rewarding in itself. Alyssa loves to be outside and catch bugs and play in the dirt, so she was content as could be, but our little princess Aubrey had the least amount of fun I would say. We had to take a little trip to Nanny's house to give her a break from the icky bugs and dirt :) No, really she was a trooper too even though she stayed in the back of dad's truck most of the time :)

And this is our newest addition to our business this year. After looking for a couple of years and dreaming, God finally blessed Aaron with a work truck. It's a refrigerated reefer truck, perfect for making long haul okra and squash deliveries. We are very proud and grateful to have this handy dandy of a truck!

So great to see how God has blessed our farming business every year! I am amazed and so proud of my hard working man, and am thankful for my hard working dad that helps us tremendously as well! He's pretty handy dandy himself :) We are so blessed!

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Haley Ballast said...

I love everything about this post! I dream about living on a farm someday, but for now I just have a little suburban backyard veggie garden. Thanks for sharing these stories and photos so I can live out my farm dreams vicariously through you guys... ;)