Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy 2nd birthday Aubrey!

So, Today was my sweet Aubrey's 2nd birthday. This morning, me and Alyssa were already in the kitchen, and when she woke up close to 9:00, we broke into the happy birthday song, after which Aubrey rewarded us with her clapping. Tonight we had a little party for her over at our house with family and few friends. I baked, what seemed like all day long, making strawberry cream cupcakes, oreo cake, and frosted sugar kiss cookies. We had pizza, chicken bites, a veggie tray, and of course Aurbey's favorite...cheetos...the puffed kind. She is absolutely the most joyful kid ever, always happy, and she really enjoyed her birthday. We asked most people to get her summer clothes, which she loved. She would open the presents and ooh and aww and walk around the room showing everyone her cute new outfit. There were approximately 16 kiddos in my house, which made it seem super small, but it was so much fun! Thanks everyone that came to celebrate my sweet girl's life! She really had a great night.

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