Monday, February 15, 2010

Group date night

This past Friday night Aaron and I went on a group date night with our good friends Steve and Courtney and Jake and Christine. Courtney and I had previously talked about and decided we wanted to go and eat Ethiopian food, so that is just what we did. We went to place in Addison off of Beltline and Innwood called the 'Queen of Sheba.' I would have to describe the atmosphere as romantic and intimate. The intimate part could've been due to their lack of customers, which I am guessing was because of the weather :) But the restaurant itself was very nice. The waiter had told us that on Friday nights they usually have a jazz band that plays, but they weren't there the night we went. For starters we ordered the Sambusa, which was spiced beef stuffed in a crispy pastry paper. Everyone liked the Sambusa. It tasted very similar to a fried burrito. We joked a little about it being comparable to an All-Sups chimichanga...mmmm! All you Princeton people's mouths are watering right now and you know it! (haha). Next came our dinner. Everyone ordered differently, but we all tasted what everyone else had. We had a mix of Yebeg Tibs, which was chunks of lamb with onion and jalapeno sauteed in a spicy butter sauce; Doro Tibs, which was chicken sauteed in a spicy wine and butter sauce; and Beef Minchet Abish, which was tenderloin simmered in a spicy pepper garlic sauce. All their food is served with various vegetables like spinach and lentils and injera. Injera is a crepe-like spongy, sour dough-like bread that the Ethiopian culture eats with all their meals. Instead of utensils, they use the injera to pick up the food and eat it. Aaron and I have eaten it before and knew what to expect, and enjoyed the whole experience. I think everyone else enjoyed the experience and trying something new, but it wasn't their favorite. I can't really quite describe the spice of Ethiopian cuisine. It has a definite unique flavor to it.
After dinner we decided we didn't want the fun to be over and we ended our night chatting it up and drinking cold coffee at Cafe' Brazil yuck! The coffee was luke warm but the company and conversation was great!
We feel so very blessed to have such amazing friends as these! Great food, Great friends, Great night! Next time we are going to try Turkish food :)


Jen said...

Please count us in on the Turkish night! And then we should do Indian!

Cindi said...

How fun! We definitely need to go out on more group date nights!

Stacy said...

For sure we will count you guys in Jenn, and Cindi, you and Bryce should come too :)