Thursday, June 18, 2009

"I got boobies now"

Today Alyssa was crying about her dress she had on and told me that it was too low cut and that it showed her boobs. I said I didn't know she had any boobs. She got a little mad and said I do too have boobies.
Later in the day she came in with a t shirt over her spaghetti strap dress. She pulled up her strap and asked me if i like her new bra.
She said "Momma, do you like my new bra? It is holding in my boobies. I got boobies now."
Oh my goodness, if she is anything like I was, it really won't be long until she really does have boobies. I am praying she doesn't. But between me and Aaron's side, it looks like she won't have any hope. Maybe the organic milk I am giving her will help :) Oh I hope!


Keeping up with The Jones' said...

Too cute!!!!! Im hoping the organic milk helps Chloe too. I hate RGBH, I cant believe they put that in regular milk!!! Just when I thought I would be saving money from not having to buy formula, I start getting Organic MilK! I really think I spend more on that, Chloe loves her milk!!!

Stacy said...

You know hollie...Braums gallon milk is half the price of organic milk and isn't certified organic, but it is basically the same thing. they don't add any hormones or additives to it. It's all natural and half the price. Just a little tip.