Thursday, June 4, 2009

Busy time!

Right now is such a busy time for Aaron. Tonight he has with him over 100 boxes of squash to take to the market with him to wholesale. Thursday night and Friday mornings are the biggest wholesale days on the market. Everyone comes in from all over Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Florida to sell and buy. Aaron usually goes at 2:30 am on Fridays and we don't get the pleasure of tagging along. Sometimes, like tonight, he pulls an all nighter. If he can beat the other people there and get there about 7:0opm Thursday evenings he can usually do pretty well. But there are the nights where he is thinking he will have an advantage and get up there early and the lot will be packed with Farmers that had the same idea as him. That's when he has to stay all night and pray he sells it. Farming is really such a gamble. It takes a lot of faith to be a farmer and even more to be a farmer's wife :) You plant all this stuff, pray it grows, and produces a good crop, then when it does, you have to pray that someone will buy it. I love that Aaron has gotten himself into a lot of the stores. This way we don't have to worry about staying all night at the wholesale lot in Dallas and hope it all sells.
We went with him one night last year to the wholesale lot. It was my first time. It really was such a neat experience. There were old and young dirt farmers (mostly old) from everywhere that pulled up in their old pickup trucks and trailers full of what they had just harvested, just as proud as the guy next to him about his crop. Just good ole' hard working, country people! It felt good.....reminded me of the people in Princeton... some of our customers that would come in every day at North End. Took me back a little bit!
It was really just a waiting and hoping game, but it was so much fun being there and hanging out in the lot with them. There is such a sense of pride in this kind of work. I felt proud of our stuff and was so proud of my husband for his hard work. I still am so proud of him. This year has been a tough one for him. His hours at the post office were cut down so much that he hardly worked and it was killin him not to be able to work and be a better provider for us. So he is in his element now...working his cute hiney off. He had a plan to make up for the difference...expand the business and double the that is what he did. So far so good! I am extremely proud of him and thankful God has planted this passion in Aaron's heart to farm. It is how God provides for the Reeves' Family! :)

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