Friday, November 16, 2012

We are doing this thing!

All 3 families from Texas shipped out all our belongings to Kona last night! 
It should be there shortly after we arrive :)  (prayers)
On a really cool God side note, another family will be caravanning with us from Texas to Cali, to Kona!  That's a total of 24 of us leaving here and road tripping our way to Kona! We will go from Dallas, to Albuquerque, to the Grand Canyon, to Cali, and then fly out from there.  The Wilkins family found us through this blog, and  joined the Fire and Fragrance DTS.....CRAZY!  What's even crazier??? They are from CANADA but happen to be spending Christmas with their family here in the DFW area.  They booked the same flight as us, and will be joining us on our road trip.  It's so wild how God connected our families through modern technology.  We met on the blog and then all 4 families have been communicating through facebook.  This is going to be an adventure for sure with 16 out of the 24 of us being children :)  Our caravan leaves December 27th.  Please keep praying for us!

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