Monday, April 30, 2012

Guess where we were?

Can you guess where we just got back from?
how about now...?
how about now...?
If you already know, don't spoil the fun and spill the beans :)
It's not what you think. No, we didn't just decide to go on a vacation. God took us here for a reason. He's amazing like that! He kinda loves to stun us. Stay tuned and I will tell you the story of how God unfolded a new adventure for our family.


Eric and Jessi said...

I think I know exactly where you are! I might have to Facebook you because I think you may have just visited my home town!

Courtney said...

Girl, we clearly have not talked in too long! It looks like Hawaii to me. Can't wait to hear!!!

Meliski said...

This is going to be an amazing, challenging blessing!!!Nathan and I packed up and moved to Belize to teach for a year and it was THE BEST thing we have done as a couple/family. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!!