Monday, September 26, 2011


My little first grader finally lost a tooth!
We first discovered her looth tooth about a month ago while we were eating at Pei Wei. She bit into a vietnamese chicken salad roll and complained of her tooth hurting. I went to take a look and gently touched it to find that it was wiggling a little bit! She was so excited, because all her friends in her class lost some of their teeth already and she was beginning to feel a little left out.
This little snaggle tooth got so loose that it was just dangling on for dear life to her gums but she wouldn't let me or her dad pull it out! Finally one night at 1:30 am, I got woke up by her little self saying..."mom, Can you believe it? I got up to potty and my tooth just fell out in my hand! Can you believe it?"
The next morning she said to me..."Mom, are you and dad the tooth fairy?" I didn't answer, not sure what to say, hoping if I ignored her question she would just forget about it and walk away. No Such Luck! She just sat there and said with her most serious face.."Tell me the truth." So I told her yes we are the tooth fairy, but explained to her that it was a fun game mommies and daddies liked to play with their kids, so don't tell any friends at school because it would make their parents sad. She agreed and didn't seem at all disappointed in the news. The next night she still put her tooth under her pillow and woke up with $5.00, which she used to buy some new earrings at "Justice."

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