Friday, January 7, 2011

Melkam Genna and some fingerprints!

Melkam Genna means Merry Christmas in Ethiopia. Today in Ethiopia they are celebrating the birth of our Lord. My kids will love celebrating Christmas twice when our Ethiopian son comes to live with us forever. I don't know what we will do to celebrate this day, but I am sure we will think of something special we can do as a family! We will make our own new traditions. As for today, we will celebrate by going to our fingerprint appointments! Did you know you don't get to pick your dates or times to your fingerprint appointments? They just send you a date and time in the mail and you have to be there. I find it pretty sweet that God let our appointments be on Ethiopian Christmas Day! It was a nice first Genna present from Him! Please be in prayer with us today, that all goes smoothly, and that our files don't get lost in the shuffle. Pray that all is processed on God's time. We know that His timing is perfect and He has already picked out our son and is leading us right to Him. Once these fingerprints are processed and approved, we will be on the waitlist for our little guy. So you see, this is a BIG step! We will be seeing our son's face for the first time sooner than we think! Please be praying that God leads us to our Josiah.

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