Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My cousin Kendra, who I am very close to, a year ago got married to Matt Caldwell, who whisked her away from us to Nashville where Matt has a publishing deal and writes and records music. He is amazingly talented I might add! Kendra and I grew up 2 months apart and were best buds, and still remain very close. I had never been up to visit Mrs. Caldwell, so my sister-in-law, Savita, and I decided to take a little trip to Nashville for a visit! We had such a great time! Since we had never been to Nashville, Kendra wanted us to experience everything, so she took us EVERYWHERE! We went out on the town, shopped til we dropped in Franklin, drove around and visited where all the "locals" hang out, saw where all the recording is done, toured inside Matt's workplace and recording studio, went to the Grand Ole Opry, and country music hall of fame, and ate our way through the entire weekend. Our first night there, we met Chris Young, and had hopes of running into Taylor Swift for our girls, but never did :) Here are some pics from our fun and busy filled weekend!

the mechanical bull from Urban Cowboy :)

This one was for momma...Loretta's biggest fan :)

Kendra pretending to play Elvis's piano

This one is for my girls....Taylor Swift's dress and guitar....Their Taylor Swift Barbie has this very dress :)

Oh my goodness...Savita's plate at the "Loveless Cafe" They are suppose to be the "best" biscuits ever. They were good, but they don't have a thing on my Mamaw's biscuits :)

Grand Ole Opry night...Gretchen Wilson

Ricky Scaggs

Little Jimmy cute and witty :)

Shopping in Franklin

Checking out Matt in action at his studio(Matt is the one in the incredibly awesome t shirt) with some other guys that are amazingly talented that he writes with....the guy on the far right plays for Loretta Lynn :)

Kendra, Savita, and me :)

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