Thursday, July 15, 2010


So we are still hanging in there and getting stuff together for our homestudy. One of the things that has slowed us down, is that we didn't have insurance. We had to apply for insurance and are waiting to get our cards in for that. Today I took the girls and got their physicals checked off the list, and I have written my autobiography. Aaron has been writing his in chunks, since he isn't home much. A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of mailing in a check to our adoption agency for $3,000.00! YAY! Thank you again to everyone that has contributed. God provides through His people and we are so grateful! We have enough in our account to pay for the homestudy as well, and are well on our way to having enough for the amount that is due with our dossier! That is what we will be working on next...our dossier! I also took my change for change jar to the bank to have it cashed in. There was approximately $225.00 in that jar! And we got $112.00 from our Scentsy representative who so graciously gave us the commission from our catalog party! Prayers, prayers, prayers, please! Please pray that we will be able to get all the things needed done and have an easier time with the paperwork! I've heard some people say that they just breezed through their paperwork, but this isn't the case for us. There could be reasons :) We are anxious to meet our little man, but God's timing is everything! We know with all our heart that there is a little guy who may or may not be born yet, that God has already predestined to be a Reeves! We trust that He is leading us to Him in His perfect timing!

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